To the Great People of Arizona,

Welcome to the official campaign website for Christian Lamar, an America first Republican candidate in 2022 for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 2. Please donate to our campaign. I appreciate your support. Thank you to all for voting for us and helping us win our 2022 primary. The general election is November 8th, 2022. Vote Lamar in 2022.

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Here are 10 top issues LD2 voters would like me to address, when elected in 2022.

  1. Change ARS 16-161 to order AZ Secretary of State to publish # of ballots who don’t have proof of US citizenship.
  2. Change ARS 16-515 to allow photos/videos of any election worker inside polling places, voting precincts & election offices.
  3. Change ARS 16-550 to require phone or in-person verification for all voter ballots which fail signature verification.
  4. Change ARS 16-621 to ban all duplicate ballots.
  5. Change ARS 16-650 to allow AZ State Legislature to revoke electoral certificates due to bad faith elections.
  6. Change ARS 16-676 to prohibit courts from dismissing election challenges without a jury trial.
  7. Propose a bill banning Dominion Voting Systems, Sctyl & any/all foreign agents or contractors in AZ elections including.
  8. Propose a bill to require Body Cams for all election workers & officials, for further transparency.
  9. Propose a bill to decertify and/or nullify the 2020 Biden AZ presidential electors.
  10. Propose a bill protecting small businesses, churches & faith institutions from unconstitutional shutdowns/mandates.

I will faithfully fight for you each and every day on the issues which are most important to you. I will take the blows, slings & arrows; while I run into the political fire to save our State & America. We must fight to save our Republican form government in the US Constitution & keep our Republic!

Christian Lamar
Christian Lamar